Life-Changing & Proven Formula

08 October 2022
6 PM

Know about the basics of tarot cards, the meanings of the tarot cards, and some tricks that will help you in your life.

Master the basics of taking life decisions by using card indications & intuitive reading.

Learn some of the secrets of the highly paid numerologist who has a successful career today.  

Learn how to calculate Mulank, Qualities of people with different Mulank, etc

Budding Tarot Card Reader & Numerologist

Tarot Card readers or numerology experts who are starting their career & want to learn more about their field

Anyone & Everyone

Anyone who is curious about Tarot card reading and Numerology and wants to lead a happy life.

To-Be Tarot Card Reader & Numerology Instructor

Who wants to teach Psychic Tarot reading or numerology expert in future 

Learn from Awardee of the Pride of Global Award

Ruma Marwah is a certified Tarot Card Reader & Instructor, Numerologist, Lenormand Instructor, Shaman practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Expert, and Crystal healing exponent -a teacher and counselor.

She is doing Tarot Reading, Healing along with Numerology from the past 12 years years and started teaching tarot and numerology 5 years back.
She received the Pride of Global Award By Jyotish Integrated Research Institute (JIRI) Regd in August 2019 in Delhi & got the title of “Tarot Mahasagar” for her contribution towards Astrology and Allied Science.

She graduated from Delhi University and did her post-graduation from Sikkim Manipal. She has done many certified courses/diplomas in Spirit Talking Tarot, and Numerology from some of the prestigious institutes of India. She has also learned neuro linguistic programming techniques in recent times.
She conducts engaging classes that are easy to follow. She doesn’t simply research the mentioned topics; she also simplifies and logically analyses them to assist people in better understanding. She takes a test before and after her course to evaluate & guide her students in a more personalized way.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Ultimate Tarot-Numero Webinar is on 1st October 2022 at 6 pm. The webinar will be organized through Zoom. 

If you face any kind of problem while registering for the webinar you can tell us your problem at or WhatsApp our support team at 8839270981, they will solve your queries in the fastest time possible.

Our webinar is helpful for anyone who is willing to know about Tarot Card reading & numerology or just passionate to help another person to take the right decision in their life by mastering their psychic guidance

You will be able to leverage the career choices that are available in the field of numerology and tarot card reading and will be able to make the best decisions in your life by knowing the basics of tarot reading & numerology. 

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