10 Astrology Secrets That Can Make Your 2023 Better!

10 Astrology Secrets That Can Make Your 2023 Better!

  Free Webinar On Astrology  

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Lead your way towards fulfillment with this Free Vedic Astrology Webinar. Learn Astrology and become a full-time Astrologer or use it for self-help with Occult Gurukul's Certified Award Winning Astrologer Shweeta Oberoi.

Your life will not be the same after attending this webinar.

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What you will learn through this Webinar ?

Achieve Abundance through Vedic astrology.

Understand Zodiac Signs, Bhavas, Stars, planets- their nature & Effects, Horoscope, Rashi chart The casting of Navamsa Chart, etc.

Discover reason behind your problems by Kundali.

Learn to read, interpret, and analyze your Kundali every detail including the 12 House’s meaning, Moon’s Nodes: Rahu & Ketu, Dasahas, and much more.  

Remove obstacles with Most Effective Astro-Remedies.

Know about Simple yet Most Effective Astro-Remedies for Health wealth and Happiness

Choose the best for you & get excellence.

Know  Your natural strength and weakness and Choose the right Career, Life partner, business, house, Education, etc for you.

Why Choose Us?

About The Instructor

Meet Occult Gurukul's Astrologer Astro Shweeta Oberoi

Occult Gurukul’s Astrologer Shweeta Oberoi is a renowned Astrology Instructor in India and has experience of 17+ years in astrology. From a very early age, she began to understand and study how different elements in our surroundings can affect human life and nature. Till now, she has taught 5000+ people astrology.

Over the years, she has continually studied and improved her knowledge of astrology. She has taken university courses in Astrology, Alankar Shastra, and attained Acharya Degree. She also has vast knowledge of Vastu Shastra. She is a certified Shree Vidhya Sadhak and has done much Sadhna of Maa Lalitamba. She believes people can make a career out of astrology to grow themselves and others around them.

Who is this webinar for?



Occult Experts


Webinar is on:
7th December 2022 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Webinar is helpful for anyone who is willing to know about Vedic astrology or just passionate to help another person to take the right decision in their life with Vedic astrological guidance and its hidden secrets.

After registering for the webinar, you will receive a link to join our WhatsApp group and further details regarding the webinar will be shared in the group.

Astrologer Shweeta Oberoi Ji will be taking the webinar. She has 17+ years of experience in the field of Astrology.

7th Dec

8:00 pm

7th Dec

8:00 PM